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Craftsmanship and focus are two things Lindenberg Ink gives you that Google Translate and machine translation just can’t.

Got a project? Want a free, quick quote? Send Mark Lindenberg Ink a bit of information, and we'll get back to you, ASAP.

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You need to reach your audience, but maybe you want a bit of subtlety in your message. Maybe you want to be slightly more direct.

Mark Lindenberg Ink can handle all that and everything in between. Got a project that needs doing? Tell us a bit more about it, and we’ll get back to you, ASAP.

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You’ve got something written, but you want another set of eyes, to make sure your organization’s message is clear.

Mark Lindenberg Ink will work with you to help you define areas of improvement, and highlight what works. Whether proofreading, or a deeper edit, tell us what you need, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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For Translation

With 14 years of experience, Mark Lindenberg Ink provides quick and dependable service when you need accurate, and certified French-to-English translation.

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For Writing

With 17 years of experience, Mark Lindenberg Ink’s writing is well-researched, detailed, and helps you meet your English-language communications goals.

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For Editing

With over 15 years of experience, Mark Lindenberg Ink’s attention to detail, disciplined work ethic, and ability to adapt mean a careful edit that meets your needs, and exceeds expectations.

About Mark Lindenberg

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“At mid-career, I am enthusiastic about my next steps, and prioritizing job opportunities which will enable me to make use of all my skills and abilities in French-to-English translation, as well as writing and/or editing in English. I want to take on new challenges, and contribute my research skills, my attention to detail, my ability to be independent, and my creativity to the completion of projects within an organization. I aspire to work on a communications team, and work towards concrete goals, such as the development or updating of projects (whether external or internal) to help an organization meet its objectives, leading to my own professional growth.

Analytical: Ingenious, meticulous and detail-oriented, exacting and accurate, methodical and concrete, perfectionist, prepared and systematic, observer, attentive, excellent memory.

Driver: I have excellent personal discipline, know how to plan and organize well, prepare a plan of action prior to starting or finishing a project.

Friendly: I have a superb ability to adapt, constantly adjusting to deal with most behaviours and types of people.”

~ Mark Lindenberg

What People Say About Mark Lindenberg

Testimonial from Christine Michaud

You successfully translated the meaning of my spoken words to the printed page. On behalf of the Fondation de la massothérapie, thank you for having relayed information about a goal that is very important to us.

Christine Michaud
Fondation de la massothérapie

Testimonial from Fabrice Vanegas

I cannot recommend Mark highly enough. During my time at a cloud computing consultancy firm, it was Mark that translated our website from French to English. He was very professional and involved us in the process without ever making it heavy on our end. He is hard working, punctual, and pays careful attention to detail.

Fabrice Vanegas

Testimonial from Myriam Trudel

I’ve worked with Mark Lindenberg for many years and I greatly appreciated his care for correctly rendering the ideas conveyed in the source text, and for fully understanding the French language. Ability to meet deadlines, thoroughness, and the quality of the target language are other important facets that make his collaboration valuable.

Myriam Trudel
School of Indigenous Studies, Val-d'Or Campus, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Testimonial from Sophia Akl

The military environment has a specific lexicon, and Mr. Lindenberg always looked in the right places for the right terms. I am meticulous in my work, and find that Mr. Lindenberg is, too. I can attest to the quality of his translations. I also really appreciated the speed with which he worked. Mr. Lindenberg’s work ethic reflects the values of the Valcartier Family Centre and we are delighted to be working with him.

Sophia Akl
Administrative Assistant at the Valcartier Family Centre, which provides services to military service members' families.

Previous Experience

Mark Lindenberg Ink has experience in a variety of sectors and disciplines. Contact us for more information about our past work and to find out how we can meet your needs!


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Whether you (or your clients) need translation, writing, or editing, Mark Lindenberg Ink's 17 years of experience in communications means you'll get clear, concise, nuanced results that meet your needs.